After School Program


-Vision Statement-

The I’M SAFE Program will strive to ensure that all students are academically socially, culturally, and physically healthy. Museum School's staff, students, and their families will work together to assure that our program serves in promoting entire student development and lifelong learning.


  • The program is made possible through the ASES Grant from the State of California

  • The I’M SAFE program is designed to give students the opportunities to be successful in both school and life.


-I’m Safe Program Activities-

Homework Assistance

  • The I’M SAFE program provides an academic enrichment component on a daily basis.

  • Students may receive daily homework assistance and/or academic enrichment and participate in special events and curriculum throughout the school year.

  • Youth leaders assist students with their homework but cannot provide one on one assistance with each student.

  • Family members are encouraged to check their child’s homework for completeness and accuracy.

Enrichment Activities

The I’M SAFE program provides enrichment activities on a daily basis including:

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Crafts

  • Sports & Games

  • Board Games

-Enrollment - I'M SAFE Program-

The I’M SAFE program is free to all participants. The ASES Grant is designed to serve students with the greatest needs. We hope to be able to serve all students who apply, but enrollment will be based on the following criteria:

  • Previously enrolled in the Primetime program for the 2021-2022 school year

  • Date of application/interest form submission

  • Number of days student(s) will attend the program

  • Length of time student will attend the program

  • Students not accepted for participation will be placed on the waitlist and will be accepted as space becomes available.

  • Families must re-apply each school year as current enrollment does not guarantee enrollment in future school years.

TO APPLY FOR THE I’M SAFE Program, please click on the button below:

-Attendance Rules-

General Attendance Rules

  • ASES Grant requires attendance policies and procedures.

  • Students must attend for the full duration of the program on a daily basis.

  • Enrolled students who do not attend daily or for at least half the program time may be dis-enrolled.

  • Families may be enrolled for AM, PM, or AM and PM programs.

AM Program Attendance Rules

  • Priority will be given for participants for students who attend every morning from opening time of 7:00 AM until school begins.

  • Students must arrive within the first half of program operation and be signed in by an adult.

  • Students arriving after the program start time of 7:00 AM must have a late arrival form on file.

PM Program Attendance Rules

  • Priority will be given for PM participants who attend from school dismissal until closing time at 6:15 PM.

  • Parents/guardians and authorized adults may begin signing their children out at 5:30 PM for a 6:00 PM pickup.

  • Any pickup prior to 5:30 PM is considered an early pickup.

  • If pickup is needed before 5:30 PM, an early release form must be filled out and placed on file prior to the pickup.

  • Even with an early release, all students must stay for a minimum of half of the afternoon operating hours (4:30 pm on MTW & F, and 3:15 pm on Thursdays) to count for attendance.

  • It is the family’s responsibility to notify the site supervisor if their student will be absent from the program.

  • Students with multiple unexcused absences throughout the school year are subject to dis-enrollment.

  • All adults signing students out must be prepared to show a valid photo ID.

  • Only the enrolling parent/guardian can make changes to the emergency contact/authorized pickup list.

I'm Safe Parent Handbook

All parents must receive and have a signature of receipt on file for the I’M SAFE Program Parent Handbook. Click on the I'm Safe School image to the left to download the handbook.

Raquel Perez

I’M SAFE Program Supervisor