-About Us-

THE MUSEUM SCHOOL is a tuition-free, public charter school that serves students from all over San Diego in Kindergarten through 8th grade. While learning to read, write, do mathematics and science, “learning to learn” is our capstone skill, supported by our “Community Goals” of becoming responsible citizens, productive workers, creative healthy individuals, problem solvers and self-directed learners. The Museum School’s curriculum seeks to go beyond the basics by teaching kids how to learn and opening opportunities to understand why they are learning. Project based departments and enriching classes such as art, music, sewing, movement, and media arts are part of the regular curriculum.

-Our Mission-

The Museum School supports the academic growth and abilities of our students through experiential, project-based learning both within and beyond the classroom. Infusing the arts along with an evidence-based curriculum that is designed to meet content standards while respecting a diversity of learning styles. Our School strives to create a safe and caring environment in which all participants are ready to learn. We are respectful, responsible, peaceful, compassionate, inclusive, anti-racist and advocates for the dignity and rights of each person. Our Students are creative and collaborative learners who are critical-thinkers and real-world problem solvers. Our Educators are highly-qualified instructors who are considerate of the educational, social-emotional, and physical needs of students. Our Families and Community are participating partners who are vital to the success of our students and school by providing us with resources and supports that facilitate global, 21st-century learning.

-Latest News-

In-Person Learning - Trimester 1

We are still trying to tickle some of our families for a response to the Fall Re-Opening Survey #2 for some final data, but it looks like we will be working toward the 5 Day Modified Day Model for the time that our students would be safely allowed to come back to in-person learning. This is still dependent on the final numbers, but this seems to be the direction we will be going.

Phase-In Plan

As we finalize our in-person planning, we should all keep in mind that there will be a phasing-in transition period of at least two weeks prior to a return to an in-person hybrid model, during which time we would invite specific grade levels to come to campus for a day to learn protocols in small groups and acclimatize to our new settings. This would be followed by increasing the number of grade levels per day ramping up to the in-person hybrid model.

One Trimester at a Time - Re-evaluating Periods

For planning sake, we will be taking one semester at a time for this coming school year. That is to say that for our first trimester August 31 - November 20, we will start with Distance Learning, and if allowed, move to a hybrid, in-person & distance learning model until November 20th. We will re-evaluate the situation in late October to determine the plan for the second trimester, depending on local transmission rates of COVID-19, and all other determining factors as we move eventually to a full day model whenever possible. As we plan we will ask that our parents who choose Optional Distance Learning will do so on a whole trimester basis.

-Our Friendly Administration Team-

Phil Beaumont

Executive Director/Principal

Jane Perry

Office Manager

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